Article 1


1. The rental company agrees to perform in favor of ‘Party B’ the service of bus rental with driver for the whole period specified in the order, and in relation to the itinerary herein specified in detail.

2. The service in object must be provided for the travel group that will be indicated by ‘Party B’ following terms and conditions describe in art. 3).

3. Every necessary variation in the itinerary during the fulfillment of this contract, depending on any reason, must be taken as mutually agreed.

Article 2


2.1. For the provision of the above-mentioned service, both parties agree upon the daily compensation specified in the order.

2.2. The above-mentioned amount shall be paid by ‘Party B’ by bank transfer or credit card payment in 30 days before tour starts, except for other arrangements arranged by the parties.

2.3. Both parties expressly expect that the daily compensation is calculated according to the actual tour days as well as an additional day for the bus return trip.

2.4. The parties expect that the distance specified in the itinerary is calculated only depending on the arrival and departure place distance, thus being excluded the distances which may be necessary to reach the hotel (0-40 km) and to go on a trip included in the tour.

2.5. The parties expect, therefore, that the compensation also includes the daily transport service to the hotel and to go on a trip included in the tours as referred to the previous point 2.4), without charging additional costs to ‘Party B’ and for any reason whatsoever.

2.6. If reaching the hotel is more complicated than expected because of unpredictable and non-attributable events by ‘Party B’, no additional charge will be added to the latter.

2.7. The equivalent compensation of the optional trips (not included in the tour) is of exclusive responsibility of the tourists, who will pay the rental company’s driver for the services.

2.8. Being agreed that expenses relating to the driver overnight stay in a single room with a bed and breakfast treatment are charged to ‘Party B’, except in Budapest, Hungary.

2.9.It shall be charged to the rental company the costs pertaining to fuel and bus maintenance, both ordinary and extraordinary, as well as the driver’s compensation and all his expenses incurred along the tour such as, for instance, those relating to meals; about this last point, exceptionally, is charged to ‘Party B’ the driver’s meal when it has been booked by the group.

2.10. Are also covered by rental company all the parking costs, as well as any fees or tolls which means, however, an additional charge for the same rental company.

2.11. Any additional costs as indicated in paragraph 2.10) will be refunded to the rental company by the tour leader upon presentation of the relevant supporting documents and arrangements agreed on the last day of the tour, except the parties agreed different.

2.12. The parties will strictly attain within the law with their best effort.

Article 3

Methods for Determining the Participating Tourists- Withdrawal Rights

3.1. The number of tourists who are presumed to participate in the tour will be notified by ‘Party B’ the rental company by fax or e-mail with 3 weeks notice from the starting date of the tour.

3.2. The final number of participating tourists, however, can be communicated by ‘Party B’ to the rental company up to one day before starting date of the tour.

3.3. The parties expressly consider that the number of actual participants would be modified by ‘Party B’ up to one day before the starting date of the tour.

3.4. ‘Party B’ may withdraw from this contract according to the cancellation policy, which can be found at


Article 4

General Terms and Conditions of Service

4.1. Once confirmed, the service required by this contract shall be fulfilled for the whole tour with the same vehicle and, in case of its breakage or malfunction, the rental company will have to repair or replace it as soon as possible and, in any case, in such a way as to limit tourists inconvenience.

4.2. The parties expressly consider that all costs related to the vehicle restoration or replacement have to be charged to the rental company.

4.3. The rental company must provide to ‘Party B’ all data about the vehicle made available (model / plate number / number of seats / year of registration) and the driver in charge (personal details / mobile phone n.) within 24 hours from the beginning date of the tour.

4.4. The rental company will also be considered the only responsible for any damage caused by the bus driver toward tourists because of unprofessional behavior. About that, it will be necessary that the driver will keep a professional attitude towards the tour leader and the group. Any kind of aggressive behavior won’t be tolerated under any circumstances; for any misunderstanding that could emerge, the bus driver must contact ‘Party B’ emergency number.

4.5. The rental company, represented by the driver in charge, commits to help tourists when loading and unloading their luggage from the bus.

4.6. Leaving and returning times must be arranged each time by the tour leader and the bus driver.

4.7. Even the execution of the optional excursions must be arranged each time by the tour leader and the bus driver. The driver will be free to accept or not the proposals basing on the driving hours available relating to the current regulations.

4.8. ‘Party B’ excludes any liability at his own expense arising from any breach of the agreements stipulated between the tour leader and the rental company not included in the tour.

4.9. Rented buses must be in compliance with the laws about the annual vehicle inspection, the maintenance, as well as any other legislation concerning the bus rental with driver.

4.10. Vehicles must have an adequate seating capacity in relation to the passengers number and a perfect mechanical efficiency; they must be also fully furnished, equipped with air conditioning and working microphone and DVD devices.

4.11. Buses has to be necessarily EURO 4, EURO5 or EURO 6 original, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

4.12. In relation to the subject matter, vehicles must be insured and must be conducted only by rental company employees expressly equipped of driving license.

4.13. The rental company explicitly declares that rented bus drivers have proven practice in European tours, basic knowledge of the English language to permit communication between themselves and the tour leader, and have gained understanding of the routes they have to cover.

Article 5

Declarations made by Contracting Parties

5.1. For the purpose of this contract, the rental company claims to possess all the requirements as coach operator in accordance with the applicable national and international legislation.

5.2. The rental company claims to possess all the national and international licenses necessary for this aim, as well as all the permits required to perform infra-Community procedures (VIES).

5.3. The rental company declares to respect the existing national and European legislation on daily driving and resting times of drivers assigns to non-scheduled services. In the matter of this, it is expected that the driver won’t overtake nine driving hours per day; that the driver won’t drive more than four and a half hours at a stretch, after which he must have a forty-five minutes break divisible in more breaks of at least fifteen minutes each; in trips that require driving times longer than nincs hours, the company must provide two drivers.


Article 6

Rental Company Liability- Penalty

6.1. Beyond what in line with the previous clause 4.14), the rental company is responsible of the safekeeping of all the objects carried on the bus.

6.2. The tour leader, at the end of the daily service, will check that nothing has been left on the bus. In absence of this check, the rental company can’t be held responsible for any items or assets lost.

Article 7

Competent Court

7.1. Any litigation that may arise between the parties regarding the interpretation or implementation / non-fulfillment of this contract it will be of exclusive jurisdiction of the Hungarian law and the Court of Pécs, Hungary.

Article 8

Closing Clause

8.1. About what not expressly referred to this contract, it’s necessary to report on Italian laws on the subject.

8.2. The parties agree that all terms and conditions of this contract have been specifically negotiated and expressly  approved by them.